Thursday, 24 April 2014

Friday favourites: Adventures

Hello! Apologies for my absence (I know, I say this way too much), school has just been, like, woah. Mock exams are hard. So is revision. But then so is climbing out of bed, and where would we be if we couldn't summon up the strength to do that each day?

My blog content is slacking (sorry times a million), so I thought it could be a good idea to do a 'Friday Favourites' kind of thing every (other?) week. Not only will it motivate me, it'll also be nice to reflect and think about things that I've really enjoyed over the past fortnight. 

With the unusually nice weather we had recently, me and my friends decided to go on adventures in our local Country Park and around the area we live in. It was really lovely, and we had spontaneous picnics and long walks and took photos and just had a lot of fun.
These pictures are from two different days and both were so nice. On our second walk we just sat down for like half an hour chatting and enjoying the sunshine. It was the most content I've felt in a while.

Jess actually wrote two adventure logs about them, too.

Sorry for the picture overload, it was just so hard to choose!

Love, Shay. xo

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