Saturday, 22 February 2014

It's my birthday!!

Even Google wished me a happy birthday ;)
I'm so happy it's finally my birthday! I got a Fuji instax and it's adorable and I love it. I haven't taken any pictures yet, because the film is pretty expensive and I don't want to waste it. Kate, Georgia, and Jess are coming over later for food and a sleepover, and I'm really excited!!

I'll see you soon!
Love, Shay. xo

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Etsy wishlist

I'm sorry for my hiatus. I think I unconsciously hibernate in the winter- I’ll blink on Sunday and weeks will pass. I'm like a bear. Or a cat. Y'know, if cats hibernated.
As my birthday is coming up soon (the 22nd) I thought I’d do a little wish list. I really love Etsy; I browse all the time, but I've never actually bought anything for myself, plus it’s a great place for DIY inspiration.

1) Pretty in pink

 2) Little black dress

3) Midnight Kitty

4) Hey cat

5) May the odds be ever in your favour

6) We’re all mad here

7) I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure

8) Here kitty kitty

9) I like the sound a typewriter makes

10) A stopped clock is right twice a day

All of these items were on my favourites already, but they’re definitely some of the best.
Sorry again for my absence. I have a couple of posts planned soon so hopefully I’ll snap out of it.
Love, Shay. xo